Not a National Identity card…it’s a Smart Card!


I try not to be an alarmist or to be freaked out by progressive technology…but, I don’t like the sound of Australia’s new ‘progressive’ move toward the SmartCard.

Apparently, the access card will replace 17 health and social services cards and vouchers across the Human Services portfolio. Once registered, people will only need to show their card when they want to access Government services.

The card itself will have the cardholder?s name, a digital photograph, their signature and card number in clear view, while a smart card chip in the card will store a photo, address, date of birth and details of any children or other dependants. The card will also provide cardholders with the option to voluntarily store other information such as emergency contact details, allergies, health alerts, chronic illnesses, immunisation information and organ donor status.

While this card is not compulsory, by the year 2010 it is expected that people will only be able to obtain government health and social service benefits if they have an access card!!! So, it may not be compulsory but, if you want to receive benefits,and to get along with daily life you may not be able to do so without your smart card!…

Thoughts on Moving


Well, we’re moving! It will all be happening soon. I think most people know how excited we are…but I’m also getting nervous.

We’ve just had 18 months of solitude, where we didn’t get out and about very much or meet many people. That season was good for a time but boy, I’m glad to be moving to a place where it will be easier to get around. But, I’m also a little apprehensive. Once again, for the second time in 4-5 years, I’m moving to a new place where there will be lovely people…but those lovely people have been happily living their lives, content without me. I often feel like people don’t need me- I need people!

It can be tiring meeting new people, especially in group settings where they might have known each other for years and they share many common bonds. Again, they’re doing fine without knowing me…but it is my family who needs them. Maybe I’m not used to feeling vulnerable.?? Something else I’ll have to put before the Lord and ask Him to refresh me anew and give me strength and courage to face.

We’ve been talking about new habits to institute when we move. Often moving into a new house can be an ideal time as habits can be *hung on new pegs*.…

Waiting on God…


I’m slowly reading and studying through the Heart of Wisdom Teaching Approach by Robin Sampson. Now, I really liked this book the first two times I read it…but I’m still learning and gleaning from it.

In chapter 3, Robin is talking about focusing on God and not on our circumstances and she mentions ‘waiting on God’. She goes on to say that waiting on God is four-fold.

  1. The first part is of ‘wait’ is to be silent. Not always easy in this modern age. But it is when we are quiet in His presence, that we can hear His voice.
  2. The second part of ‘wait’ is expectation and hope. This implies dependence upon Him.
  3. The third part of ‘waiting’ is to watch, observe and take notice. Proverbs 27:18 gives us a good picture of waiting, watching, and taking notice.
  4. The fourth part of ‘waiting’ is to serve or to minister. Read 2 Samuel 23. David had many mighty men but three of them were chief. What set them apart? Servanthood.

Am I silent and waiting upon Him with hopeful expectation…watching, observing and taking notice of Him? Then, He will reveal Himself to me. I’ll be in fellowship with Him. Am I prepared to serve Him through the needs of my family and whatever else He gives me?…

Using Bible Stories Year After Year


This time of year is always fairly spiritual for me as I meditate and ponder fully the work of the cross, the work of God to redeem His people.

Yesterday I was reminded by my 15yo daughter that this is also an opportunity to learn more about the Lord…and opportunity for our children to develop more of those *mental hooks or pegs* in place or to make some connections. As we were reading the story of the Passover and the Exodus, my daughter and I were having some great discussions…and I tried to ‘enlighten’ the boys (rather unsuccessfully might I add) when ‘Miss A’ said,

“Mum, why don’t you just stick with the story like you did for me at that age?” Well DUH!!!!!!!! (See, I’ve told you more than once that I can be a tad thick-skulled).

When I immediately agreed with her, she went on to remind me that reading and discussing the stories was what I had done with her, and that hearing them year after year enabled her to build upon the mental hooks more and more until she is now at the point of understanding a great deal. Uh? It takes a 15 year old to remind me of things.…

‘I Dared to Call Him Father’ – Must Read


I’ve just read a biography called “I dared to call Him Father” by Bilquis Sheikh. It is the wonderful true story of a prominent Muslim woman who was called to Christ and of her subsequent trials, ups and downs. I remember reading this book many years ago as a fairly young Christian (also a young woman then too) but it touched me more deeply this time round. I believe there is a new updated version of the book but I still have my old tattered copy. Throughout the book, the author has a true, deep sense of being In His Presence. She cares more about doing right by Him than doing right in the world’s eyes. She doesn’t look at what a Christian considers the right thing, right words or what labels they wear. Rather she looks at the simple truth of loving one’s neighbour…being guided by His presence…sharing His love with others.


This is what I aim to impart to my children. Not whether or not they know church doctrine or man’s theology rather that they worship the Lord by loving their neighbour…being guided always by the Holy Spirit…be doing all possible to be obedient to Him and having a desire to share our knowledge of God with others.

Plants and Pillars or Sons and Daughters


I love gardens. Beautiful flowers of varying colours delight my senses. I see many parallels between gardens and families…gardening and training a family. Sometimes the word, ‘training’ (in regard to children) holds negative thoughts for some people but I see it rather differently. To achieve the most beautiful display that a wisteria can create, it needs to be trained…to be pruned, to be fed and watered, etc. I was recently reading Psalm 144. It is written by David and in it, he thanks God for His mercy and he prays that God will protect him. He makes a promise to praise God and then he prays for his kingdom. Listen to verse 12:

Our sons in their youth will be like full-grown saplings, our daughters will be like sculptured pillars fit for the corner of a palace. Wow! We all want to see our children do well, don’t we? I want to see my sons as plants grown up! Not weeds or thorns but I want to see healthy, mature and fruitful plants! Nothing could make me happier and joyful. Sometimes our plants need to be strong in order to brave the elements…to weather the storms, the rain, hail and burning winds and sun.…