How Do You Cope With Laundry?


I am convinced that homes are not designed by women – at least women who actually work within the home!! Okay my current pet peeve is clothes- dirty ones, clean ones and ones in the ironing pile. Having in between 6 and 8 people live in our house throughout the years has given me lots of opportunity to ponder the stupidity of walk in robes or wardrobes in bedrooms. When newly married, we designed and built our own home and yes, we did build it with a walk in robe. But I would definitely not do the same again!

Next time, I will build a room next to the laundry. In that room I will have an area set up to fold the clean clothes (with an under-bench area for storage of ironing and other odds n ends) and an area for the ironing board- so it could stay set up. I would build my sliding door robes INTO THIS ROOM! As as usual, each person would be allotted one wardrobe each. Then, every evening or morning, every person could simply choose their clothes, take them to their room and get dressed.

Smart eh? I think so.

As it is now our kitchen table is covered in clean laundry EVERY DAY – clothes that are waiting to be ironed or put away!  (We don’t have spare rooms or anything like- nor do we have a separate family room or dining room in which to make use of) In our last few homes we had two lounge/family areas or two dining areas so we utilised one of those rooms as our clothes area.…

Helping the Weak: The Lesson in 1 Thessalonians


And we urge you, brothers, admonish the idle, (Or ‘disorderly’, or ‘undisciplined) encourage the fainthearted, help the weak, be patient with them all.

Ah, this verse leaped out at me this morning. I don’t know about you but I never know what my day is going to hold. I live with a person who is an emotional roller coaster. When this person is happy the whole world is smiling, the flowers blooming, the sun is shining and life is sweet. But when this person is on the downward side of the coaster, life is… just hard. (And that is a major understatement)

Today, this verse is for me. In my walk as a parent.

I know that Paul was not referring to Susan, the parent when he wrote these inspired words…but nevertheless, they are for me today.

As a parent I need to admonish the idle, the disorderly or the undisciplined child. To warn the child who is being wayward, inconsistent or following their own will. I need to esteem the children when they have put in a good effort- not easy praise but an acknowledgment of their work, effort and attitude.

In fact, after praying and asking the Lord what I need to teach the children today He showed me this passage…and whilst this verse leapt out at me the whole passage is very applicable.…

Exercise: The Old Testament Way


Anyone else thinking about next year’s curriculum? I am…it’s part of the process I go through each year. Currently I’m in the praying and pondering stage. I’m working on a system for Master J to use. He’s quite capable of using most systems but considering our eclectic style of learning and curriculum we need a system that he can use fairly independently. The issues that we have with it are that I can schedule till the cows come home…but the practical outworking of that schedule doesn’t match the paper plan and then we can tend to get a bit lost with what is next. As a result, the main subjects get done but it’s those little bitty books that I have planned that get left out. You know, the ones that only require a chapter per week. Any scheduling/planning systems that you use would be well received in the comments section.


My health is upside down and inside out…but I do think I’m slowly on the up and up. However, with softball season back I am finding it difficult to juggle my gym fitness with softball fitness combined with the ups and downs of my health. I am learning that being *gym fit* is quite different to being sport fit.…